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Feb 28 2014

Could identity thieves be using your personal health insurance information to get medical treatment, prescription drugs, or surgery?  Most victims only discover they have a problem when they are denied treatment or receive unknown bills.  Learn how Spectra can help protect you in this newsletter!


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About Spectra Management

At Spectra Management we believe that the culture of your company plays a direct role in the success of your business.

That probably sounds different from what you hear from other employee benefits advisers. Good. We approach the relationship differently. We believe that a desirable company culture includes one that is built on specific values such as respect and support, knowledge and expertise, and recognition of achievements. Your employee benefits program is a reflection of your company culture. We want to help you define it, protect it, and most of all, help it evolve into one that supports your vision. We are client-centric; putting our client's needs as the focus when developing our processes and services. We are driven to develop that delicate balance between your financial goals and your company culture.